Paul Walker..

Sexy Paul Walker - Your Extreme Hotness Will Not Be Forgotten! ---- Hot Guys: Nobody can forget this guy. His extreme hotness was only second to him being an ex

Liam Hemsworth. Omg

Liam Hemsworth another husband and he's in the hunger games I could easily be team Gale

Paul Walker

You will be missed. Praying for his family and the family of the driver. Paul Walker was definitely the best actor. I love the Fast and Furious movies.

Zac Efron

Celebrities - Zac Efron- The Lucky One. Oh, the things i would do to this man.

He is so cute!!!

Josh Duhamel [When in Rome; Life As We Know It; New Year's Eve; Win a Date with Tad Hamilton;

I love you!

R.I.P. Paul Walker

@Kayla Kudla.

I've loved Zac Efron since he played Troy Botlon from High school Musical. I think he is a great actor and can play many roles.

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