Band Problems

How student musicians count rests I memorize what I hear around me so I know when to come in.

I miss marching band already:(

Marching band: Because I'm a band geek. I'm going to be in marching band next year! So excited!

And don't you forget it! People in athletics at my school are always trying to tell us "band nerds" that Marching Band isn't a sport and shouldn't count for our P.E. credit. Bull! We made a bunch of them try to march our show WITHOUT instruments and they quit after 2 minutes cause "it was too hard" trololol

Sorry, had to post this b/c marching band/color guard is most definitely a sport. We work just as hard or harder than most sports and get zero recognition.

Yeah, there's pretty much nothing like it. :D

2015 was my first year of marching band and walking out on that field for the first time was the most terrifying/exciting/nervous thing I've ever done.

Marching band. We need this :)

All highschool marching bands need this.or at least my old one lol

Just march band geeks! Time for Marching season

Just march band geeks! Time for Marching season. <- in the immortal words of my band director "I'm not a band geek!

Band Meme - Marching Season Must Be Over! via Himebrook Himebrook WasHere

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