Sunset over Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia

Ripples ~ Waves created by a boat on totally flat ocean. The colours are created by the setting sun. Location: Exmouth Gulf / Western Australia, © Sascha Unger Travel and Photography from around the world.

Get amazing portrait shots with this simple technique

Five creative projects for the avid photographer

simple portrait setup -- need a reflector! You can use an automotive window shade - the pop out kind - which are super cheap at the auto parts store. (this is not a auto window shade though)

Stone House by John Pawson | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Stone House by John Pawson, Milan. It would be good to have a glass panel on the roof to let light in from the south side of the house

- idea of an expanding architecture literally as well as experientially - creating this sense of wonder and human innovation and progressiveness - the inhabitants act like neurons firing through the building or brain mass, making connections  - isolated pods which appear to house concentrations of core subjects and attached subsections* which grown almost organically. - the geometric manifestations give the brain/library it's human structural method of thinking. Humans passion 4 thought…


Surreal Architectural Photographs by Philip Dujardin Gallery / Modular Design in Architecture

Mercury City Tower, Moscow. (Frank Herfort)

Exploring post-Soviet architectural oddities

The Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower, designed by Chris Y. Chan + Stephanie M. Tan, is an alternative building typology that could fit for a city with very limited land resources.


square rectangular doors shapes of mornings light sunrays sunbeams sunlight streaking beaming through forests corridors, trees Le corridor de mon pére, By Bart Deburgh

cristales de colores

Glass Wall, intensely Colorful Stained Glass Pattern (Palais des Congres - Montreal, Canada) Shutterstock Image ID: 7808446 Copyright: Chris Howey

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