orange kittens

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Cozy Cat Scarf - Try this sometime: tie a scarf of other unfamiliar thing around a cat's middle. Some cats seem to become "fainting goats" and simply fall over. Not all cats react this way, but mine do.

Breakfast at Yurman's


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 89 Pics

That is an interesting cat.

My weird cat... - The Meta Picture


An Owl Pet That Helps With Chores, Sounds Like a Disney Movie

A poem for mornings.

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Bahahahaha! Damn, that's evil.

Top 15 Evilest Things EVER!

White Peonies are the perfect Valentine's Day flower choice.

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Doggy pool party just might be the happiest thing in the world.

Doggy Pool Party

Museum selfies

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Dog Raised By Cats

10 best websites about lifehacks.

10 best websites about lifehacks

Vision Ring #anthrofave #anthropologie #women #accessories

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cats are liquids heres proof

Cats Are Liquids Here’s Proof | WeKnowMemes


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Gilded Pencil Holder #AnthroFave

Codify Pencil Holder

Amour Banner Ring #anthrofave

Amour Banner Ring

Stenciled Coir Doormat #anthrofave

Stenciled Coir Doormat

Big mugs for lots of tea!

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Print your photos straight from your smartphone with this gadget.

25 Tech Accessories You Need for Your Dorm Room

I just died.

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