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two avocados with leaves and one cut in half
Avocado Flash Recipes for Summer
I think we have established that I love avocados. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I often thought that no meal was complete without avocado. Ov...
trader joe's olive tapeenade with kalama & chakrdiki olives
Recycling Trader Joe's Tapenade
We recycle. The sentiment extends to food. Trader Joe's tapenade looks like this year's leftover of note!
Heatwave Kitchen Survival: Avocados
(This piece was meant for the Food Goddess blog but I ended up publishing at the Temple of Doom. I claim heatwave insanity!) We’ve had t...
a list of food that includes different types of foods and their names on the page
Kali: Food Goddess Pinterest Boards (as of Feb 2017)
an older man and two younger women sitting at a table with food in front of them
Break Bread not Each Other
In ten days, it will be Thanksgiving in the U.S. This is the quintessential American family holiday. It has been so established that Norman...
four slices of pepperoni pizza on a cutting board with a spatula and knife
Homemade Pizza Dough for Electric Grill
We have a George Foreman grill with removable plates. I generally use the grill for steaks and chicken breasts. I also use it as a Panini p...
a white plate topped with slices of fruit and ice cream on top of it's side
Guava Shells: Caribbean Delicacies
Kali: Food Goddess: Guava Shells: Caribbean Delicacies
three different types of fruit with leaves and mangoes on the top one is cut in half
Ten Foodie Ways to Destress
Kali: Food Goddess: Ten Foodie Ways to Destress
a hot dog with mustard and ketchup in a bun on a white background
A Hot Dog by Any Other Name
Kali: Food Goddess: A Hot Dog by Any Other Name
a table topped with plates of food and bowls of sauces on top of it
Feast of the Seven Fishes
Kali: Food Goddess: Feast of the Seven Fishes
bowls filled with different colored spices next to cinnamon sticks
Some Like It Spicy
Kali: Food Goddess: Some Like It Spicy
peeled bananas sitting on top of a table next to a glass jar filled with them
Alternative (Skinny) Chips
Kali: Food Goddess: Alternative (Skinny) Chips
an image of food that is on the website
Wonton Wrapper Wonderland
Kali: Food Goddess: Wonton Wrapper Wonderland
a woman holding an apple with the words, an amazing woman takes care of herself
Cute and Healthy Snacks
Kali: Food Goddess: Cute and Healthy Snacks
Kali: Food Goddess: 1,001 Ways to Savor Garbanzos Persil, Vitamin B, Heart Healthy, Healthy, Children Eating, Eat Right
1,001 Ways to Savor Garbanzos
Kali: Food Goddess: 1,001 Ways to Savor Garbanzos