Cotton Candy This is the shape that I want for the cotton candy, and I like how the cotton candy is much bigger than the stick

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This could be a potential design for the clowns coin, although the has some good things coming his way, he gets them by lying and doing bad things; so his coins could be worn or not complete ?

I am thinking about this for the cotton candy; usually you expect cotton candy to be big and soft but if we make it a bit more rigid in some areas - like the way it looks when you lick it or something along those lines, I feel it would go better with our "everything is not as it seems" concept

Clyde Beatty. I watched him perform when I was a kid. He was a real old fashioned lion tamer. Before the day sod Gunther Gebel-Williams who showed the big cats as tamed.

Not cool. He didn't sign up for this. One eyed frog - aww, a victim of environmental mutations

The coins that the clown, illusionist, and the ring have could potentially have one of these signs on them: Clown- the one meaning unexpected opportunity, or mystery Illusionist- karma, the unknown, the unexpected Ring Leader-limitations and interruptions ?

Thinking about having very rough looking frogs, not soft friendly looking frogs for the game in the beginning

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