Anne Marie Martindale

Anne Marie Martindale

Anne Marie Martindale
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5 Moves for Chiseled Arms

Balance on toes and palms in a plank position. Bend the arms and lower your body until the upper arms are parallel to floor. “Explode” upward to return to start position, rising up onto fingertips as you reach the top. Do 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.

Good Idea

I've seen similar "Wish" bracelets/necklaces, with beads, hearts or starts, they are a great idea for a "goody bag" treat for all ages! Wedding Wish Bracelet Wedding Favors. (Give your guests a knot as you tie the knot, too.

we may need these...

Wedding Favor Idea - A Hangover Helper Kit! Yes, go ahead and LOL (I sure did!), but don't you just love the idea of sending your guests out with a "hangover helper" kit? Sounds like a must-have for all the full-throttle wedding party animals.