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"Sassy":  sas·sy  ˈsasē /  adjective informal 1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

I wish.if only!well I'm sending kisses anyway.

sad crying anime girl ): hugging a pillow (lol had to add the details) black and white

sad crying anime girl ): hugging a pillow black and white

Sleeplessness shall not persist. It will be dealt with.

How to Fight Sleeplessness

It be like that sometimes lol.

So badly. My whole body shook as I watched her glide across the lawn towards her next class. We would steal looks at each other occasionally, but today I felt the urge. (Be her, looking for erotic/romantic rp)

Anime couple. Drawing

Anime couple - black and white

girl illustration art anime purple

Red String of Fate - pixiv Spotlight


animal_ears cleavage jpeg_fix maid misaki_kurehito nekomimi overfiltered pantsu photoshop shimapan tail thighhighs

Usui Takumi is whispering something into Ayuzawa Misaki's ear. let's lean in closer to hear!

Takumi Usui x Misaki Ayuzawa Photo: kaichou wa maid-sama


Her dress was white and it whispered.

she doesn't look like a perfectly beautiful person - that makes her beautiful

Anime - Girl sitting and looking around