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a man with his head in his hands is surrounded by gears
Elderly Techie Criticism | Just Jenna
To learn... someone must be taught (self taught or with the help of another).
a white bowl filled with rose petals on top of a table
2022 Empties Dump | Just Jenna
Empties for 2022.
a carved pumpkin sitting on top of a pile of wood with steam coming out of it
Halloween Checklist | Just Jenna
Halloween checklist before the festivities begin.
a chainsaw that is sitting on top of a tree
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Debut | Just Jenna
Netflix added their own movie to part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre lineup of movie remakes/reboots.
many light bulbs are lined up in the shape of a long line on a gray background
Light Pucks Are a Win!
Energizer's Light Pucks are great for accent lights and power outages.
a bottle with two sharks in it floating on sand
Pelican Nutrition and Shark Week
Shark Week with Pelican Nutrition drinks.
Sunscreens that have worked for me so far! Sensitive skin and SPF is no joke! Sunscreen, Personal Care, Spf, Lotion, Spray, Bottle, Lemonade
What Sunscreens I'm Using In 2022
Sunscreens that have worked for me so far! Sensitive skin and SPF is no joke!
an image of a gas station gauge with red needle pointing to the fuel level and green numbers
Budgeting Tips In 2022
Tips for budgeting during the inflation and beyond.
three award ribbons with one star and the other two are gold, silver, and red
Most Popular Post of All Time
Most popular posts since revamping.
Favorite conditioner for maintaining bleach-blonde hair.
Go-To Conditioner For Blondies
Favorite conditioner for maintaining bleach-blonde hair.
dog treats arranged in the shape of fish and bones
Missy's Top Three Jerky Treats
Missy's favorite jerky treats and a special letter from her.
a sign on the side of a building that says hair designs
G & G Hair Designs Reopens
G & G Hair Designs a Paul Mitchell focused salon reopens after Hurricane Ida sweeps through.
a glass filled with liquid and topped with a gingerbread man in the middle, sitting on a window sill
Dunkin' VS. PJ's Coffee: Gingerbread Flavor
some pumpkins are lit up and sitting on the floor in front of candles with faces carved into them
Blogoween & Spooky Season Roundup
Roundup of blogoween and spooky season.