LOVE Friends

FRIENDS- I know they make me laugh louder, smile brighter, and make my life better( p. I'm talking about the show friends)

Bucket List bucket-list

i've done a lot! my goal is to get a keychain from all 50 states!

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Two of the sexiest men alive!

Luke Bryan Photos Photos: Jason Aldean With Luke Bryan In Concert

Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean - an awesome pair of Georgia boys! AND Luke has a Phillip Phillips shirt on!

haha agreed

There are dog people and there are cat people. I am a dog people.


Funny, but true. Maybe next spring? Spring is an excellent reminder that I was supposed to get in shape before spring.

relient k

Spread the Gospel - Preach it to Outcasts! "Jesus loved the outcasts. He loves the ones the world just loves to hate." — Failure To Excommunicate, Relient K

soundtrack to a july saturday night...

I love this song Eric Church lyrics from "Springsteen": "When I think about you, I think about I think about my old jeep I think about the stars in the sky Funny how a melody sounds like a memory Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night Springsteen.

love them

You know you're a fan when you can picture the scene that goes with every quote Gilmore girls