Victoria Amazingingingingvela
Victoria Amazingingingingvela
Victoria Amazingingingingvela

Victoria Amazingingingingvela

Slightly tucked t-shirt into high waisted mini skirt. Statement necklace and sunglasses as accessories.

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Giraffe Cake Roll - Imgur

Rachel Weisz as Hypatia of Alexandria in Agora (2009).

Even behind the scenes, the bond between Max Irons and Rebecca Ferguson is undeniable. #TheWhiteQueen

Rachel Weisz as the historical Alexandrian philosopher and mathematician Hypatia in the film Agora

Great Expectations (2012) starring Jeremy Irvine and Holliday Grainger

The Interview: Holliday Grainger | Features | HUNGER TV

Holliday Grainger as Estella in Great Expectations (2012).

Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Bentley Drummle and Holliday Grainger as Estella in Great Expectations (2012).

Genoveva von Lübeck at Gregor & Genoveva's Camp at Pennsic XLIV A few weeks ago Master Avery (Ted Kocot) mentioned that a canopied bed helped you stay cooler in the morning and warmer at night. So Gregor added four posters to our camp bed and I made a canopy. I'm pleased to report that it works very nicely!

"Fresco of woman with tray in Villa San Marco of Stabiae." Roman woman wearing a stola.

Outdoor kitchen with natural wood and stone

1540 Italian Rapier with Scabbard

Metropolitan Museum: Fencing doublet and swords Fencing Doublet: Western Europe, ~1580. Swords, left-to-right: -Rapier: Possibly Italy, 1610-20. -Rapier: Germany, 1610-20. -Rapier: Northern Europe (probably Germany), blade dated 1620. -Broadsword: Northern Europe (possibly Switzerland), early 17th century. -Rapier: Probably French, 1610-20. -Rapier: Probably Germany, early 17th century. Sword blades are probably from Toledo, Spain, or Solingen, Germany.

One of the most important items from the Cheapside Hoard is this large Colombian emerald pocket watch, circa 1600. Watches first appeared in England around 1540, and Colombian emeralds reached Europe by the late 1500s.

Dosas are a lentil-based wrap-style flatbread that are an excellent bread substitute in a gluten-free diet, as well as being delicious no matter how you eat them.