Mini Piano | 32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ?

Children's serving set

Vintage Tupperware Toys Mini Serve It - I had this whole set, and it was my favorite.

retro toys 80s - I remember this... Dangerous but fun! hated this toy..i could never do it Pogo Ball

Space hopper Lolo ball for adults or children, for sale at All Sorts Shop. If you’re looking for the retro space hopper toy with a twist, our lolo ball is for you.

Speak & Spell! We had the red one, and as the batteries slowly died, he sounded more and more demonic.

Set of Three Vintage Speak and Spells from Texas Instruments

Speak & Math, Speak & Spell, Speak & Read - wade had the middle one, the speak and spell, loved it!

vintage alphie II robot toy 80s. $9.00, via Etsy.

vintage alphie II robot toy 80s

vintage alphie II robot toy my cousin tracy had one that I used to play with

1986 Plush ALF Doll. I had one of these LOL! Quite possibly the ugliest toy of the 80's, but I loved him. :) Watched the tv show all the time.

1986 Plush ALF Doll Watched the tv show all the time,he was so weird lol but fun

Paint with Water. Also, Shirt Tales.

Paint with Water. Also, Shirt Tales. We did these on Thursdays at the bowling alley while Dad and Mom bowled in their league before I went to afternoon day kindergarten.

she was the coolest kid around

I loved my doll.Rainbow Brite Doll - Toys and Games, Dolls and Figures

Polly pocket

I had the jewelled palace and my sister had the ice kingdom! I loved Polly pocket!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Vintage Silly Putty 1989 NIP Red Egg Vintage Toys, Vintage Games, 1980s

I remember spending a lot of time playing with silly putty. I loved pressing it onto the comics in the newspaper and seeing the comics appear on the putty. It was fun to pull and roll and flatten!