10 rules for fighting fair by john gottman just finished my psychology class and learned a lot about marriage love and how to relate to other people!

10 Rules for Fair Fighting (Stay Married): "There should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire." (David O. McKay) Get the best tips and how to have strong marriage/relationship here:

Counseling - Emotional Relationships GENOGRAM

Family Psychology Emotional Relationships - click thru to see a table w/ descriptions of each relationship type

Assertive Communication Illustrates the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive communication.

Assertive speakers takes into consideration both parties value systems. Aggressive communication involves bold and dominant verbal and nonverbal behavior. No assertive communication is when the speaker devalue themselves.

Healthy Love/Unhealthy Love

Healthy vs unhealthy relationships, is just as important as healthy vs unhealthy food. Try to keep every part of your life healthy :) this can be any kind of relationship.

Genogram: Used to map a family and family dynamics/issues over multiple generations

Genogram: Used to map a family and family dynamics/issues over multiple generations . Try this ro describe a book

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Comprehensive Genogram Legend                                                                               More

Counseling - Standard symbols for genograms. This can be helpful for mapping out family relationships for client/family.

Gottman Repair Checklist great for couple/family counseling

Gottman Repair Checklist: How do I get the words from this piece of paper into my heart and mind AND out of my mouth?

Characteristics of unhealthy and healthy boundaries. "Becoming your own loving parent."

Signs of Boundaries: Unhealthy vs Healthy. A very important pair of lists to keep in mind as we live our lives and as we grow. Too often we accept those who have boundaries or indulge in breaking ourselves.

The secrets of a long, healthy relationship, according to science.

"The Science Behind a Happy Relationship" infographic from Happify. Discover what scientists know about happy couples, and your relationship will never be the same--guaranteed. To learn more, click the pic.

Ecomap: Describes Family Members' Social Support http://www.dss.mo.gov/cd/info/cwmanual/section7/ch1_33/sec7ch25ecomap.gif

Helpful tools used in the clinical work with families experiencing illness. ILLNESS BELIEFS MODEL: www.

Assertiveness & boundaries. Do you know where your boundaries lay or what they even are? Personal awareness & development. Values & beliefs. What do you stand for? Boundary Assessment

Setting boundaries for yourself is key to developing your own self esteem & resilience. Here are some questions that may make you think - Boundaries assessment

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When working with clients that have a history of abuse or unstable relationships, I find it helpful to do a genogram with them. As wikipedia explains it, a genogram “…is a pictorial display of a.

assertiveness - Google Search

Resilience insights: At it's core assertive behaviour says I respect my own feelings and I respect yours. Assertive behaviour is about win-win rather than win-lose.