FREE Word Families - CVC & CCVC MEGA BUNDLE Part 1 SAMPLER. A bundle of fun and interactive centers, games, readers and worksheets to help beginning readers!


AN Word Family Flip-Flap Book FREE

Preschool Letter R - In My World

Great for blends. Great for word families. Lots of possibilities.

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word family books. So simple.

flip books to teach reading

Little rhyming book

Preschool Alphabet: A Grinchy Preschool Day

Fun word family game for kids. Make spinners!

Spin a Word Family - Playdough To Plato

three little pigs rhyming/making new words

The Kinder Garden

DIY wooden block phonics game This is a wonderful activity for teaching reading. It's visual and tactile. If your students are having trouble with word families, then that student needs more practice breaking each individual sound apart. This works beautifully for that.

Word Ending Block Game

Word work at its best! Works with 24 word families! So FUN for the kids!

The Moffatt Girls: CVC Word Family Word Work

Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine who still teaches the little ones and she asked me to come up with a rhyming activity sometime. I had so much fun coming up with this! I just love the clip art that is available now too!

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Word Families Under Construction FREEBIE!

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Paint chips for word families

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really great word family printables

Patriots of the Republic Academy: Word Family Printables

Popsicle Stick and Play Doh Spelling

Having Fun at Home: Popsicle Stick and Play Doh Spelling

Fern Smith's FREEBIE ~ The -uck Family Spelling Lists & Tests as seen on Kindergarten Klub

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word families

Patriots of the Republic Academy: Word Family Printables

-uck Word Family Prezi - a free and fun smartboard/computer lesson for the uck word family!

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Word Families Worksheet/Activity

-ad family freebie!

Classroom Freebies: -ad family freebie!

word family houses

KC Kindergarten Times

FREEBIE! /or/ Clue Activity - Read the clues and guess the -or words. Write the -or words and illustrate. Did you guess all of the words?

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This FREE file has independent practice for the -at word family. It is designed to be used four days in a week, with an activity for each day. On Monday, students read the words and cut/glue the pictures to match. On Tuesday, they cut/glue letters to make words. On Wednesday, they write words from the word family, as well as 3 review words. On Thursday, they write words again and choose one word to use in a sentence. This resource is ready to copy and use tomorrow!!

FREE Kindergarten Word Family Independent Work- at word family

Hooked on Phonics Videos

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FREE! Gameboard & 50 cards for short u words. Also includes blank cards to program for your own curriculum.

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FREEBIE! Fern Smith's The -at Family Spelling {Word Work} Lists & Tests ~ Adorable Cat Theme! This Spelling Unit has 15 pages. Some school districts call it Spelling, some call it Word Work! This packet has both!

The -at Word Family Spelling Lists & Tests