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Life-Changing Cleaning Tips

Tips and Tricks To Clean Your Car

what your favorite apps look like on the new Apple Watch via techcrunch #Pinterest #Apple_Watch

" is a website that make it sound like it's raining outside." Living in Seattle I shouldn't need this but often it doesn't really rain hard enough to hear through the roof.

A whole page on things you never thought of! - put in your grocery list and it will give you coupons for each item! Good to know

You can order a box of books from this site for $12.99. They will range from toddler to young adult books. Each box contains approximately 150 books (give or take). You can also order more age/grade specific books, but it costs a bit more. There is now an advisory on their site that due to high demand, boxes may not ship for up to 5 weeks, but for $12.99, that's a small price to pay :)

The Ultimate Printable Budget Binder - featuring 10+ amazing printables that'll make you want to get on track with your budget! Cute and simple - anyone can do it. Promise.

how to remove carpet stainsl

Quick Styling Trick: Outdoor Trees | Enclosed porch or sunroom

Learn a language for free

8 Christmas movies to watch right now

15 ted talks that will change your life. I've started listening to these each morning before work, and they have seriously changed my mind-set. Love, love, love. :)

How to Store Your Groceries. Everything you need to know about where and how to store the food in your kitchen.

JOJO POST FOREVER YOUNG: Turmeric- is popular as the golden spice of life. Turmeric is a spice that has several benefits that includes health as well as beauty. Excellent DIY Turmeric Skincare Recipes for flawless Skin.

Health Benefits of Tea + 15 TEAS FOR ANY AILMENT

Great tips on how to take care of your leather bags.

Going to try this! Add eye drops to mascara to make it last longer. | 32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

Learn everything you should pack in your car in case disaster strikes while you're away from home. How long would it take you to walk to safety?

HOMEOWNERS RED FILE FOR EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ~ A Red File is a binder with all your important documents in one place. In case of an emergency, it can be easily retrieved and taken to safety. Make exact COPIES of credit cards, medical ID cards (front and back), auto and home insurance policies, passwords etc... Extensive list of items that should be included, many of which you may not have thought of!

Exercise Is ADHD Medication - The Atlantic: Physical movement improves mental focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility; new research shows just how critical it is to academic performance. #Exercise #Cognitive_Performance

This is a great budget method! Very easy and will definitely stretch your paycheck :-)

How to get baked-on food off a glass pan or an oven rack

Super easy tutorial on how to turn mom jeans into skinny jeans that fit perfectly! I've done this with like 4 pairs of thrifted jeans now.. love it!

Freaking genius! For hanging pictures: put toothpaste on the picture's hanger, eyeball where you want your picture hung, press against the wall, then place the nail in the toothpaste spot on the wall. Wipe off toothpaste and hang picture!