Tattoo! Use the hubby's fingerprints This is actually Cute....


Thumb print tattoo in the shape of a heart. Definitely getting my mom and dads thumb prints and getting this done. Have my mom and dad make a thumb print in the shape of a heart.

Walk by faith tattoo

This will be my next tattoo! Walk by faith tattoo.I want this quote on my foot different font and placement though

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What is the Meaning behind Bird Tattoos. Birds have become a very popular, recurring design in tattoos, particularly amongst women. All of them symbolise freedom, but you can find tattoos of many different bird species and each one of them h.

Couples Tattoo

"Alone we are strong… Together we are stronger" Quote Tattoo great couples tattoo or Bestfriends tattoo

heart nose ring. I want too so bad but I heard its pretty painful

This makes me want to get my nose pierced so badly! Valentine Heart Nose Ring Stud Sterling by Holylandstreasures

Love the Life you live and live the life you love - Bob Marley

Love the life you live, Live the life you love made into an infinity symbol tattoo. Those of you who know me know I'm not much of a tattoo person. But I do love this. Thinking of getting it also.

Light feather tattoo - I like the "lightness" of it - but I don't want a tattoo

Postion and curve Tattoo

Feather rib tattoo on both sides representing each child. Each feather could be from the state birds where they were born.

Scribble heart placement

Scribble heart side tattoo, love this idea- one drawn by each of my kids!