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pumpkins are arranged on a pallet in front of hay
Scotch® Brand Decorative Tape
Cute idea to entertain kids at a Halloween party! Just use Expressions Masking Tape to create a pumpkin-themed game of Tic Tac Toe.
an advertisement with the letter b on it's front and back sides, in multiple pictures
Front Door Decorations for Halloween // BOO Sign
Front Door Decorations for Halloween // BOO Sign | The Pinning Mama
a person using a drill to paint a pumpkin with black dots on it's surface
Think Crafts by CreateForLess
Im doing this!!!! Glow in the dark puff paint instead of carving.
a bowl filled with popcorn sitting on top of a table next to a spider web
Elmers Glue on wax paper + glitter. Once dried, peel off for nifty spiderwebs! Halloween Decorations - Halloween Crafts - Redbook
two white marble blocks with faces and words on them that say are you our mummy?
Mummies. Wrap 2x4 with gauze and distress edges.
two pumpkins sitting next to each other on the front porch near a potted plant
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Merce this one made me think of u ...Pumpkin decor with tulley and ribbon!
two pumpkins sitting on top of a step
Pumpkins wrapped in tulle and finished off with ribbons. I love this!
some pumpkins with holes in them sitting on a table
Pumpkin Carving With a Drill
Pumpkins carved with a drill! Hello!!!
three pumpkins with mouths and teeth on them
Fanged Vampire and Winged Bat Pumpkins
a woman's foot with black flowers on it
Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween ~ idea, glue bugs onto nylons. THiS will freak the kids out!!!