halloween treats..Witches Broomsticks.....so easy and cute!

These witch broomsticks are quick and easy Halloween treats! Small pretzel stick in an upside down Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

button decorated pumpkin

cute pumpkin for halloween. Some glue, a jar of black buttons and an elegant bow. Simple DIY project with big results. Button fans, this project is for you!

You won't waste your $1 buckets on candy when you see her porch trick

She buys a $1 pumpkin at Walmart, but instead of filling it with candy she does this next to her front door!

Transition From A Halloween Porch To A Thanksgiving Porch With A Few Simple Changes 22 Festive Thanksgiving Porches Featured On Remodelaholic Com

Halloween games

Witch Pitch {Games for Halloween}Witches and Warlocks of all ages will love this fun party game. Toss your candy corn in the witches pot and see who makes the most in. The winner will probably be the kid that eats the fewest candy corns.

#halloween party

So-Good-They're-Scary Halloween Party Apps

These Mummy Hot Dogs are perfect for a spooky, Halloween-themed party. Hot dogs are a party favorite and will become the star of a Halloween buffet when given this mummy-wrap treatment using refrigerated breadsticks.

Fall Festival Booth Ideas | Hook Toss / carnival games

Enzor if we had a ECU Pirate themed party! just paint board purple and gold Pirate Party Game: Hook Toss. Parents need this for the annual party

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