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Math Fact Fluency at its BEST! Making SMALL Groups Work to Your Advantage (a freebie to help you!)

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business: Math Fact Fluency at its BEST! Making SMALL Groups Work to Your Advantage (a freebie to help you!)

A great visual and center activity for understanding place value.

Montessori Math -- Place Value, Stamp Card Game

Want to try guided math in your classroom? This blog post has a great video that offers tips and strategies for getting started!

Guided Math... an Update

Request to Retest, put the ownership back of the students. Love this!

Math = Love: Free Downloads

original McDonald's menu...Oh my goodness! Kids will love this! Copy this menu, (pull it into a word document, then print) then ask students to think of ten math problems using the menu. Or older students can just use the site (fantastic, by the way!) to make up math problems..Love it!

Early McDonald's menus

Great suggestions and routines for teaching students to write about their mathematical thinking.

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Introductory fraction number line lesson from Penguin Fractions: Exploring the Basics - aligned with 3rd grade CCSS but is also a great review for 4th and 5th $ #LauraCandler

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Polygons, Triangles, & Quadrilaterals, Oh My!-Sorting & Classifying 2D Shapes

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Setting up your 20 minute guided math session! Lots of pictures, tips and tricks (and a freebie!)

Guided Math Session Set Up

Are you using math stations or math centers in your classroom? If not, Laura Candler's Math Stations ebook is your guide to getting started! If you're already using math centers, this book is a great resource for hands-on activities and math games. You can even customize the activities by using the PowerPoint or Publisher templates to create your own math problem task cards! $

Math Stations for Middle Grades

Multiplication Tables Game- combines math and US geography--- could do with addition or subtraction

Multiplication Tables Game

Distributive Property of Multiplication using pictures

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Good mathematics is not about how many answers you know...It's about how you behave when you don't know.

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With school coming to an end don't allow your students to leave your classroom without mastering a very important skill...the dreaded two step word problems! This resource can be used to from 2nd to 4th grade. It can be used to enrich second graders, used to assess third graders (since it's a CCSS), and used as a reteach for fourth graders.

CCSS Two Step Word Problems Printables

"As a whole I am" fraction introduction project. Great for introducing fractions!

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Teaching kids to find the area of composite shapes- math unit for teaching area. Hands-on, engaging math activities to help kids understand how to find the area of composite shapes. $

Common Core Area Unit: Composing and Decompoing Area

Need help getting more out of your intervention time? Check out this easy-to-use Math Intervention Binder! Perfect for K-2 kiddos! RTI, Intervention, Math, No Prep, NWEA MAP

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Reasoning Puzzles (Area): Increase math talk in your classroom with these fun puzzles! Students determine the truthfulness of six statements, then get together with a group to defend their thinking and critique the reasoning of others. $

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End of the Year 3rd Grade Math Games - Your class will have a blast with this set of 15+ print and play math games. You can have fun and keep it academic until the end of the year! $

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Cute game to practice multiplication facts.

4th Grade Frolics: Fun Friday with Math Centers

Telling Time - Skip to :45 seconds (best video I found on introducing time)

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Fractions and music!

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Guided Math Binder

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Guided Math Binder

Perimeter Problems and Area Art! Looking for a way to reinforce perimeter, area, AND problem solving? This post gives step by step directions on how to make some real math connections for students--and check out the awesome display it makes!

All Things Upper Elementary: Perimeter Problems and Area Art!