Non-Standard Measurement & Freebie

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28-kindergarten-math-journal/ love this journal idea for math

Math Problem Solving: Measurement--Length

28-kindergarten-math-journal/ love this journal idea for math

Kindergarten Kindergarten

I've got to remember these Dr. Suess activities for next spring for Suess' birthday.

2 Teaching Mommies: Dr. Seuss Unit

Leprechaun Measuring Activity Also: incredible kid day celebration ideas!

Oh My Little Classity Class: the month of March

How Big Are You? : PBS LearningMedia In this "Dinosaur Train" game, kids try to estimate the length of various dinosaurs using modern animals as non-standard units of measurement. It shows that dinosaurs were different sizes and had different names, that large objects can be measured with non-standard objects, that a hypothesis can be tested by measuring, and that measuring with non-standard objects requires counting.

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Measuring Activities Inspired by the Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

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Measurement and Comparing Lengths {freebie}. Measure each student then have them find things they are taller and shorter than in the classroom using their string.

Mrs. Bremer's Class: Measurement and Comparing Lengths {freebie}

Fabulous set of materials for practicing nonstandard measurement using pattern blocks.

Lory's Page: Measurement

Non Standard Measurement FREEBIE

Store: Kelly-Witt -

FREE Nonstandard Measurement Activity; perfect Companion to Measuring Penny or as a stand alone.

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"The Measure of Things: A Mini Math Unit on Nonstandard Measurement" (from First Grade Wow; free)

First Grade Wow: Measurement Unit

Measure using marshmallows.

First Grade Fabulous Fish

Common Core Measurement Stations for 1.MD1 and 1.MD.2! Can be used through the entire school year!

Measuring Madness {4 Common Core Aligned Measuring Activities}


Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Free Printable: Non Standard Measurement "I love _______ this much!"

Dizzy for Kindergarten

Measuring in non-standard units: winter-themed activity (I'm gonna try this with laminated snowmen and flat "snowball" measuring units cut from cornstarch dough!)

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Penguin Math

Cute idea for measurement and graphing

Going Back to Kinder

Area and perimeter self-portraits

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Measurement - Area -- full unit!

Math: Measurement Part 2--Area - Kindergarten Kindergarten

Measuring Area

Teach This Worksheets - Create and Customise your own worksheets

Linking cubes measurement freebie!

Rowdy in Room 300: Measuring with names!

Measuring Length anchor chart

First Grade Wow: Inches are a Cinch

idea for weight

Bishop's Blackboard: A First Grade Blog: Comparing Weight

free printable non standard measurement math activities using cubes, paperclips and sticks

Joyful Learning In KC: Measurement In Kindergarten