Confetti Bulletin Board. So cute! Could add student work on top of the confetti.

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Taping off the board. Did this in my 6th grade classroom...worked like a dream!

The Good Life: My New Classroom!

Holy end of the year ideas! You must check this blog out and give your students an end of the year celebration they will NEVER forget!

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How to get your students to stop talking with "Beat the Teacher!" - simple but motivating :-)

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings: Stop Talking with Beat the Teacher

this lesson plan is SERIOUSLY AMAZING. what a great way to get kids beyond the "drama." | YourKids Teacher: Erasing Meanness

'YourKids' Teacher: Erasing Meanness

Check out our printable gradebook pages!

Printable Gradebook

62 Things to Say to Make Your Husband Feel Great

50 Things to Say to Your Husband … to Make Him Feel Great

Social Studies Success: Door Slaps - Formative Assessment

Door Slaps - Formative Assessment

Interactive Grammar Organizers make a great lap book! Organizers may also be used in an interactive notebook. $

Interactive Grammar Organizers

Classroom Transition DJ on PowerPoint has different songs to signal to students where they need to transition next. Kids will love the old tv theme songs they hear to tell them to line up or pack up their backpacks instead of you having to tell them over and over.

Classroom Transition Song DJ PowerPoint

40 STEM Activities for Kids - Playdough To Plato

40 STEM Activities for Kids - Playdough To Plato

Minds in Bloom: Engineering on a Dime: 3 STEM Challenges You Can Do Today

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Commonly misspelled English words - #infographic -- Created by Your Dictionary, a super user-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus, the chart lists words that are most commonly misused and misspelled. - Each card includes the definition of the word and an example of using it in a sentence. - Via Design Taxi.

Commonly misspelled English words (infographic)

TONS of teaching activities using Post-it notes. Ideas by teachers!

3M Post-it® Teachers : All Activities

Clever idea! Use wall pop vinyl stickers on a table as a personal dry erase board.

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"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving. I love the choice/surprise element here. It makes it a privilege, not a punishment. If we make sure the activities aren't just more of the same, this is great idea!

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Using QR codes in the Classroom - 10 Ways to Make Fun Use of this cool technology.

Ways to Use QR Codes for Education |

Such a cool idea! This will help each student feel important, needed, and supported in the classroom. I would maybe allow other students to write complements for their peers as well (but make sure that everyone is included, not just a few people). This can also help to create great bonds between students and teachers. Everyone wants to feel important!

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Your kids can become inventors and engineers, just like Hiro in Big Hero 6, by designing armor for Baymax. It's a fun STEM / STEAM engineering challenge. #BigHero6Release #ad

Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge - Left Brain Craft Brain

No More Name Plates The most frequently asked question when visitors come to my room is "What did you use to write the names on your desks?"...

Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls: No More Name Plates

Teaching Teens in the 21st: Tons of great ideas, not only for teaching writing and literacy, but for managing the "paper load" we all have.

Teaching Teens in the 21st: Before the School Year Begins...

WOW! Give each student in the school 1/4 of a circle and then put them all together to make this mural!

Fabulous in First: Linking up Late

I would love to do these for my girl scouts!! Such an awesome idea! Great "bridging" gift!

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Polar Express Activities...ideas for family night, school activities, classroom parties or a homeschool theme

Polar Express Activities-Advent Day 13

Amazing brain break - check out the 400 meter hurdles. Best part . . . it's FREE :)