Cool Home Ideas / pool that looks like a moving river

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how awesome is this? Swimming pool designed to look like a pond plus an awesome tree house and rope swing!

Water Pool Table~This would be awesome placed in an  outdoor entertainment area

Crazy fish tanks: decorations and ideas! : Crazy fish Crazy fish tanks: decorations and ideas! about aquarium,aquarium top designs,Crazy fish tanks

Insanely Awesome!! Hey @sazjibson want this instead of a real one?!!!

Extreme Swimming Pools

Funny pictures about Guitar swimming pool. Oh, and cool pics about Guitar swimming pool. Also, Guitar swimming pool photos.

Natural, chemical free swimming pool - all it needs is some trees and shrubs surrounding it

The future of pools: Natural swimming pools. Bio pools are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools. They come with nice pool design and are environmentally-friendly.NO chemicals and clear, safe water!

I'm no good at billiards, so I should probably get the coolest setup in the world, right?

Video: Obscura Digital shows off CueLight 'interactive' pool table

CueLight Interactive Pool Table System by Obscura Digital. Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience.

Piano pool.. so freakin cool! I probably would not actually want this in my house however, haha!

Love this piano shaped pool, substantially bigger than the one my Dad made on the front lawn. And come to think of it, Liberace had a piano-shaped pool.


Stradivarius Violin Shaped Swimming Pools The people at Cipriano Landscape Design created this violin swimming pool for a client in Bedford, New York who is an amateur violin player and collector.

wierd yet cool pools and slides - Gallery

wierd yet cool pools and slides

wierd yet cool pools and slides - Gallery (Cool Pools Awesome)

Swimming Pool sofa! Perfect for yr deck i think.:  12 Most Creative Sofas - (cool sofas, cool couches)

12 Most Creative Sofas

Concept for a 'swimming pool couch', from an ad for Italian pool design firm Piscine Castiglione