Fam pics I like the one with the patents on their backs with the kids on top, kids looking at the camera. I also like the superman pose idea for Ken with Cole.

This is a wonderful example of great family styling for a photo shoot. Except for the yellow stockings of the little girl just to bright and distracting. See how the styling works so well in the images where the stockings are not visible. So much better !

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Beth Jansen Photography  bethjansenphotography.com - What a gorgeous little girl!

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22 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

22 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

Kids at the beach photo shoot.funny faces in the sand. can you see who is snapping the picture? / Sand faces photo by ~skystryd on deviantART

This site has a lot of fantastic family Christmas card ideas - go out and have some creative fun this year!  Go on!

I love this sunset silhouette photo idea. So cute for summer vacation with friends or family photo shoot on the beach!