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Amelia Syavira
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Andy black veil brides

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ANDY SIXX ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Click the picture of Andy and check out some more Boys In Makeup Black Veil Brides - Andy Sixx - Andy biersack - Emo - Boys -Makeup - men - bands - music - hot - scene - black -

Ok, so I wanna know how this dude is so damn hot, gorgeous, pretty, sexy, all at the same time. I feel like this is impossible. There's no way he's that gorgeous.

(FC: Andy biersack) hi i'm andy and i'm gay. i'm in a band called Black Veil Brides and i'm lead singer and plays guitar

Black Veil Brides ~ Andy Biersack (sorry about the miss spell of his last name. I didn't create it)

Black Veil Brides ~ Andy Biersack And I hate people who say this about BVB and BOTDF.