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Feel the beat in this Blue Galaxy Hooded Romper And Tube Top available now at Yandy. Get a free lace panty with every order. #Yandy

I love you H&M but wtf is this? CURRENTLY FOR SALE.


The show, though nominally men’s wear, included some women’s looks and female models, though the stockings made it hard to tell who was (or identified as) what. Was that a conscious choice, Shayne Oliver, the designer, was asked backstage. “Definitely,” he replied.

Squirrelicorn shoes.

dancing tongue-in-cheek?

4th of July Fruit Salad Cone ~



  • Kitty Steffens
    Kitty Steffens

    I wonder who he tortured and murdered immediately after this was taken.

This is actually a YES. Paula Osuna Sees Jesus In Toe Bruise (PHOTO)

  • shelly shelly
    shelly shelly

    HA HA No way ! This is a bruise not the Christ ! How sad this woman must be to believe Jesus is on her toe. This woman is deleusional and so is her sick boyfriend. They need help and fast ! So terrible I bet Her boyfriend brainwashed her into doing this so they could call the news ad try to get money for their wedding. Big scam artist this woman and bum of a man are.

I can't. I can't even... no.

Skin suit.

Sleeping bag pants

  • Kellie Bennett
    Kellie Bennett


No no no no.

  • Jodi Brown
    Jodi Brown

    Proof that there is no end to the bottomless pit if bad ideas

Might I suggest not using white flakes in a photo of hair?


The ultimate flatulence filtering underwear - look how sexy you can be!

  • Elissa Norris
    Elissa Norris

    If one's flatulence is so out of control that that person needs a special pair of underwear to control it, then nothing can make them sexy lol.

scuba diva

never wear shoes bigger than your shorts

Also this

  • Katie Kramer
    Katie Kramer

    Jesus H Christ, NO.

The best part about this baby being birthed cake is the knife almost hidden at the top.

  • Sarah Mathews
    Sarah Mathews

    It seems backwards. Like the baby is being birthed out of the neck.

Why stop with 3 bear heads? Is that really enough? I don't know fashion. I'm thinking more bear heads.

And in case you couldn't entirely make it out from the last picture, that's right, bling that looks like a pack of newports. Because, sure, you need that.

So, this guy.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh................ what?