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Hahaha (on the element table Potassium is K)


Dumbledore wouldn't let this happen. Sign at a protest.


The nerdiest possible way to tip your waiter. yes, this has happened to me. I also had a guy write out "ten dollars" as the tip instead of lol

me either

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Pick-up lines written by nerds, for nerds. Disclaimer: We at nerdy pick-up lines take no responsibility for any awkwardness that may ensue from the use of these lines. Now get out there and pick-up.


A guy in an algebra class in high school would write "Bryce's Pick-Up Lines Of The Day" on the board, and this was one of them one day and the math teacher walked in and was like "i is less than 3 u?" Oh the mind of an algebra teacher.

sódio sódio sódio

batman karaoke- literally laughed out loud!


classic nerdy t-shirt.


The Element of Surprise, humor, periodic table, atomic, funny


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