DRAMATIC eyeliner + nude lips

DRAMATIC eyeliner + nude lips If I ever decide to do a photoshoot, this is the look I'd want!

Achados........dali e daqui

"A mask is an article normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes." (from Wikipedia) A collection of masks and.

Edie Sedgewick

Edie Sedgwick arabesquing on her leather rhino for the August editon of Vogue magazine I remember seeing this and cutting it out to put on my wall in high school. Oh, Edie. & Edith Minturn "Edie" Sedgwick and Michael Brett Post July 1971

Bohemian fashion. style. boho. hippy. hippie. eclectic.

╰☆╮Boho chic bohemian boho style hippy hippie chic bohème vibe gypsy fashion indie folk the .

Cristobal Balenciaga, 1967

Por Dentro da Moda: Estilista considerado o arquiteto da costura - Cristóbal Balenciaga

Edie Sedgewick

Superstar, Edie Sedgewick, Manhattan, NY, 1966 By Jerry Schatzberg

Yves Saint Laurent ad, 1976.

Yves St Laurent // 1976 // Trending : Turbans // 1969 & Boho Rockstar Street + Stage Style // The Jet Set // Glam Bohemian Mashup // Designer Fashion Ideas + Inspiration

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