Create something similar by folding colored paper or magazine pages into long thin strips, rolling those up into coils and gluing them onto a backing.

Rolled up strips of magazines. (DIY idea for rolled up magazine project, paper crafts, decor, wall art)

Wooden letters glued to canvas and then painted over in white

Wooden letters glued to canvas and then painted over. in white for wedding in this pic.but I like the idea of wooden letters on canvas for textured wall art

melty crayon art :)

melty crayon art :) this would be fun for the kids and I and also fun for the decor!

This is really cute and seems easy to do!

Scrapbook paper hearts on canvas, with buttons and brads. use white paper cardboard instead of canvas


25 Paper Artwork with Blow Your Mind by Yulia Brodskaya - Artwork, an illustration of photograph or a piece of conceptual work and much more meanings. We learn


The odds of even being here to read this quote are pretty astronomical. Life really is pretty amazing!

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