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Entrance to Gdansk Old Town Poland

At the edge of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is considered the most beautiful city along the Baltic Coast.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland: A Polish city on the Baltic Coast with its place in history as the cradle of the Solidarity Movement.

フリン・ライダー ユージーン ラプンツェル

Rapunzel and Flynn on Splash Mountain. I like to think I look like rapunzel when on splash mountain, but in reality I look more like Flynn!



water infusions

Sick of your plain ol' water cup? Try these 3 Ways To Spa-ify Your Water and be more apt to hydrate!

Infused water.

Are you drinking enough water? Here are 4 REAL vitamin waters to help with detox, hydration and energy! Tag someone that needs to drink more water!

Courtyard, Zografos Gallery

Today we want to show you stunning watercolor paintings of Greece created by artist Pantelis Zografos. For 30 years Pantelis Zografos doesn't live in Greece, but love to