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14 Artists React to Refugee Ban with Compassionate Illustrations

'Charging Bull' sculptor says New York's 'Fearless Girl' statue violates his rights,g_1:global+warming&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjew9n55onYAhVjm-AKHVOkB7MQ4lYIKCgB&biw=1280&bih=912&dpr=1#imgrc=R9eFjInFXU4X0M:

The USA and Earth can't afford the massive mistreatment that will ensue from 4 or 8 years of environmental abuse under the Trump administration!

Shepard Fairey for The Amplifier Foundation

“Artist Shepard Fairey behind the iconic "Hope" poster of Obama releases series of inspiring images in time for

Powerful protest art. Can't reach for the stars when your people are incarcerated at horrifically unjust rates.

Protest art depicting the horrifying rates of incarceration of POC especially black men in America. while white people get to reach for the stars/american dream

Image result for 3d art projects for high school

The devils bridge with string lights and people👌🏻