MUST PIN! Easy dotted Sharpie Mugs THAT YOU CAN WASH. Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

Easy Dotted Sharpie Mugs {PERFECT Teacher Appreciation Gifts}! |

A tissue box and toilet paper rolls can easily be turned into an inexpensive toy your cat will love. | 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

8 Mod Podge DIY Coaster Projects - Hip, Hip, Hurrah! This lady is the "queen" of Mod Podge and she does offer the gentle reminder at the beginning to use an outdoor sealer to make them waterproof (since you are all probably tired of "hearing" me repeating this step must be done with coaster projects).

8 Mod Podge coasters ideas - Mod Podge Rocks

Instagram Polaroid Coasters this would be a great gift or just for the home!

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Our Adventures in Home Improvement: DIY Coasters THIS SITE ALSO HAD HOW TO TRANSFER AN IMAGE ONTO WOOD

Our Adventures in Home Improvement: DIY Coasters

I like to paint the silhouettes of bildings at sunset. Here is a beautiful painting of Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia at sunset and a fishing boat.

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Istanbul Turkey Watercolor Painting - Art Print - Wall Art - skyline poster Istanbul poster on Etsy, $28.57 CAD

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The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Mel Stabin transparent watercolor.

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Blue Mosque in Greens watercolor painting

Blue Mosque In Greens by Carlin Blahnik

Ivan Ayvazovski Kız kulesi...Istanbul

Босфор, 1846 год

Maiden's Tower, istanbul

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Michael Reardon

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Silhouette of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia at sunset as seen from the Asian side, Istanbul, Turkey

20717 - Photograph at

Istanbul, Turkey, Integrity and green for all are a most to stop genocide and destruction of our environment, 95% of humanity lives in ignorance and a few stinky assholes are controlling the world by economics, non renewable energies, non organic foods, medication, animals genocide, invented wars, say no 2 impunity and we will made of this Earth a paradise, go organic vegetarian, http://www.ninaohmanarts...

Chopped Salad with Roasted Grapes - Arch Recipes

Istanbul - what a beautiful place

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Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. Really beautiful on the inside, you could spend a whole day there.

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Haven by Kathryn Beals

Surreal Landscapes

Disney Parties: Lacy Paper Glove Invitations | Spoonful

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Tea party invitation | Miniature Rhino

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Tea party invites...super cute for a bridal luncheon.

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$11 using supplies from the Dollar Store! (This whole website is full of Dollar Store tutorials!) pin now; read later

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Futuracha the font [free] by Odysseas GP, via Behance

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Lettering: Learn to Draw Illustrative Words - Skillshare

Love Your Letters: Communicate Visually with Words

glitter pumpkin

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Mod Podge flattened leaves onto a white pumpkin. cute and fall-y :)

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