Duggar's Laundry Soap recipe~ Makes 10 gallons of laundry soap: http://duggarfamily.com/content/duggar_recipes/30455/homemade_liquid_laundry_soap_front_or_top_load_machine_best_value

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This expense was "eating" up a huge chunk of our monthly budget-- and we had no idea! With this one change we were able to save enough money to live comfortably on one income.

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Heading out to eat? Use these tips and tricks to save your wallet by eating out frugally! The Frugal Way to Eat out will have you saving big money in no time!

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Can you use 100 low budget meals anyone will love? Grocery prices keep going up every time I go to the store. Plant a garden and save more money.

As a target employee and shopper I find it helpful to pass this info onto you guys - Imgur

Don't Make These 9 Costly Car Rental Mistakes and Save HUNDREDS

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