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I never knew until that moment how bad it could hurt to lose something you never really had.

Adios!!!!!! Better off without you

I know it sounds really crazy, but I follow this, and tell my boys to say this to themselves if they have a long or hard day ahead of them, test, etc. They love it, and laugh so hard when I say it!

Zeke Tucker | Society6

Oh so totally true

That Sinking Feeling


Famous Quotes Collection: Think Happy Be Happy.

You can't always see how strong someone is until you know what they're going through. #strength and always remember God will never let go...

Amen... love my babies Chloe and Lexi!!!

No One On Earth | Dog Quote Poster - A Place to Love Dogs

Those burdens weigh you down without your acknowledgement.Don't allow so much unnecessary problems fill you with worry.

Oh the people who go on and on on Facebook about things they know nothing about. You don't get the world and how it works if you lived in a bubble your whole life. If you knew what you were talking about you would not have to be so loud about your opinions.

The Beauty Effect


The most confused we ever get…

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Lol. We've all been guilty!

Johnny, every day of our lives.

Pinterest ---when your husband is watching something dumb! True story! Or playing video games!!


The 100 Best SomeEcards For Every Situation


That Sums it up Nicely