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    Funny Pictures Of The Day 56 Pics

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 56 Pics

    I still don't get it.......

    Legalize the right to bitchslap stupid... - Legalize the right to bitchslap stupid people

    We teach directly and indirectly. Our kids are watching us all the time . . . and taking really good notes! What is the message you are sending to your children about how to be a godly wife? What did they learn today by observing how you talked to and interacted with your husband? "I'm Watching You, Daddy & Mommy"

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    Stuff from the Outside

    how i feel sometimes...

    Please make it a multiple choice…

    Of course,lol

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    20 People Having A Way Tougher Day At Work Than You (via BuzzFeed)

    20 People Having A Way Tougher Day At Work Than You

    Haha, yep!

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    Close second

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    I feel the same way

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    Ahaha... So mean/hilarious...

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    If life hands you lemons

    If life hands you lemons…

    So true with me lol

    Hobbit Awesomeness!

    my kind of mug ;)

    My first coffee on Monday. | Warm Home

    10/10 would never see my loved ones again because of this game.

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    The perfect accessory for your rape whistle. I'm not just "Whistling Dixie" folks! ;-)

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    NOT funny. But so my life right now. Gah!!

    Roflburger The Funny Picture Wall

    12 Excellent Quotes About Coffee

    You don't know me..haahaa!

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    This is quite possibly the best food diagram I've ever seen...

    Food Geometry... - The Meta Picture

    but seriously

    Whenever I can’t login…