Photo Transfer to Wood Tutorial - Step by Step Easy Instructions

Photo Transfer onto Wood - From My Kitchen Escapades - Coolest gift idea ever (also works on canvas, fabrics and other types of surfaces)

What a great way to display a special bauble. Whether it's baby's first Christmas, or your first Christmas married, or even one you bought on holiday. This will make it the focus of attention x More Mehr

It came from the Wood

Popular Television Characters Re-Created With Layers Of Cut-Out Wood - Martin Tomsky

So, now a days LASER CUT specially on MDF are in great demand it really makes the place stunning, whether it is just a TV panel or the main entrance door.

Use strip of LEDs on the inside and a diffusing sheet rather than open holes

Lasercut Love Heart Bottle Box << laser wood box

Lasercut Love Heart Bottle Box

Are you interested in our bottle box? With our gift box you need look no further.

Multiple layers of different shades of paper, cut with exacto knives. Would be really cool with trees or mountains