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Great Outdoor Spaces – Patio Porch Ideas [ "Vines growing all around the patio with neutral patio furniture", "By Irina Granda Summer is just around the


Trädäcket, en morgon i augusti

cottage garden border: black petunia, sedum, dark stemmed plant to complement black petunia

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Through the garden gate, Barrington Court, Somerset photo by Richard McHowat

I dream of a Victorian walled garden with a rustic wooden gate, just like 'The Secret Garden' (Barrington Court, Somerset)

One of my most favorite places ever to visit. Must take my kids some day when they have jobs and can buy their own way :) Garden Entry, Garnish Island, Ireland

"Secret Garden": Venerable stone wall with intriguing gate in the garden of Ilnacullin (Garnish Island), Ireland

Secret Garden Door... @Lindsay Jernigan Bring back any memories of the Secret Garden!?

Another beautiful old door in Castle Combe. The gate to a secret garden. (It should have vines or bushes, to keep the door hidden!

Wooden dutch garden gate

122 Container Gardening Ideas

I love how its inviting yet mysterious. Makes you want to know what the house beyond will look like.... ;)

love this garden wall and door in general, not for a secret garden. Garden door with small window to look through--to identify visitors, and entice passersby.

Gorgeous garden gate...

Into the Garden IDEA: from the patio to the door of the secret garden. The patio looks normal for enjoyment but the real surprise is behind the secret garden door ;

Plantes qui cascadent de la terrasse

♂ Vertical garden green living wall Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, California. I love a courtyard.

perfect gateway to the Secret Garden

Garden Gate, Regents Park, London, England >> beautiful (the secret garden)

the eye of the garden...

don't you love this idea. a moon gate or just a portal to see the secret garden on the other side.