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    Minecraft Party Ideas

    Minecraft Party Ideas

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    5 Best MINECRAFT Parties - including links to party supplies and free printable ideas

    Blog 5 Best Minecraft Parties + Free Printables & Shopping List

    Free printable Minecraft valentines with creeper gum wrappers.

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    Minecraft Terraria Cake. Facebook Link

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    • Susan Pyne-Torres
      Susan Pyne-Torres

      that cake is insanely awesome!

    • Wildcard's Music
      Wildcard's Music

      It is good except for the MINECRAFT steve. Past that it is AWESOME

    • Wildcard's Music
      Wildcard's Music

      And the pig

    • Jake Gregg
      Jake Gregg

      This is cool I am a big fan of minecraft and terraria

    • Lexi Neiman
      Lexi Neiman

      This totally reminds me of my friend! (He's the boss at both games)

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    3D Diamond Steve Perler Skin Minecraft perler beads by Francesca Capcino

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    Minecraft man in hama beads

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    FREE Minecraft Party Printables from Printabelle
    • Diana Pacheco
      Diana Pacheco

      Thank you :)

    • Heidi Saunders
      Heidi Saunders

      Thank you!

    • Mindy Nash
      Mindy Nash



      you rock

    • Instant Birthday
      Instant Birthday

      A great pin for the Minecraft party board. Instantly Downloadable Happy Birthday Minecraft banner with every letter of the alphabet so you can spell out names etc.

    Minecraft Creeper Cake

    Minecraft creeper cake


    Minecraft cake - CakesDecor
    • Lorie Walker Klonis
      Lorie Walker Klonis

      My son would love this!

    Minecraft Cake, Enderman & Piggie

    Haniela's: Minecraft Cake, Enderman & Piggie

    NIKERBOCKER: Minecraft Party, A grownup version of a fun kids party!

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    J!NX : Minecraft Steve Vinyl - Clothing Inspired by Video Games & Geek Culture

    J!NX : Minecraft Steve Vinyl

    Free Printable Minecraft Balloon Template

    FREE Printable Minecraft Creeper Balloon Templates

    Minecraft Cupcakes

    FREE Printable Minecraft Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

    Minecraft Party

    Apple Falls: Minecraft Party
    • Joanna Benham
      Joanna Benham

      Wow! Amazing :-) How did you do these so profesionally in large sizes? x

    Minecraft Party

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    Minecraft Birthday

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    • Reagan Beard
      Reagan Beard

      I like it its good I never had a birthday party before I don't even know what a birthday party does

    • robin thibodeaux
      robin thibodeaux

      Thank you , this game had me baffled on what can I do. Thanks (I never understood the game enough ) This will help the party be a success.

    • Jose Mireles
      Jose Mireles


    Food - Minecraft Wiki

    Crafting - Minecraft Wiki

    Favor table. Brown table cloth, grass placemat ordered online, favor bags, green buckets of different kinds of rocks (all from Flower Factory--iron, coal, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone

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    How to make a pull-string pinata from scratch

    Fancy Frugally: How to make a pull-string pinata from scratch

    Minecraft Food

    The Probability of Randomness: Minecraft Food

    Minecraft Party Games

    Minecraft Party Games

    Minecraft Party Decorations

    Minecraft Party Decorations

    Minecraft Nerf Gun Target. Cute idea for outside play.

    Minecraft Nerf Gun Target - Housing a Forest

    Minecraft DIY Stencil Shirts - perhaps party activity

    Minecraft Stenciled Shirts


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