Chunngam Ampavasiri

Chunngam Ampavasiri

Chunngam Ampavasiri
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Lol he came home during the event, so happy!

Reva Abstract Wall Sculpture

Hang this remarkable metal wall sculpture next to your living room or bedroom window and watch it come to life. The metallic gold finish of the Reva Abstract Wall Sculpture w

Plastic Bags, Jewel, Screens, Stitches, Sculptures, House

Koskela gallery

"MAPS", an exhibition by Maricor/Maricar is on display in the Koskela gallery July 6 - Aug 18 2013 //

Sculptural Textiles is an investigation within the field of textile design exploring sculptural possibilities for machine woven textiles. By combining contrasting yarns and textile construction the project aims to create a range of textiles that can be shaped by hand and adapted to various settings. The essence of this project is in the subtle meeting between contrasts in material such as shiny-dull, elastic-stiff, transparent-opaque, rough-smooth, natural and synthetic and how these…

Fabric Manipulation - sculptural textile design with undulating structure…

I think this jewellery is actually made from the Bubonic Plague......

I'm sorry to say that is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Fabric Manipulation used to create white textures like organic form; 3D textiles design // The Kovac Family

Fabric Manipulation used to create white textures like organic form; textiles design // The Kovac Family