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I love Saturday Mornings #quote

I love Saturday Mornings quotes quote morning saturday saturday quotes

rainy, barefoot, yes

splashing in puddles barefoot

Rainy Days When I've to work.. my favorite :D

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. I LOVE RAINY DAYS

Wohohoooo its friday.. Allah bless us :)

Happy Friday everyone! Share if you love fridays too!

Heeeee, tauk ah :D

and it thunders in my ears and flutters in my heart, ringing with such an indescribable song.<--- Oh god you have no idea how much I love your voice. It's like a happy torment to my soul. I love to hear you randomly sing. you beautiful being, you.

you know it's true.

Funny pictures about If Monday was a person. Oh, and cool pics about If Monday was a person. Also, If Monday was a person.

awsome daddy -___-

candid family shot- love this!

Most of you dream to go there, France. So do I, hopefully :)

Destinations Planet: The Eiffel Tower Paris, France


Michael Kors stackable bracelets -LOVE the tortoise

ahahhhaa LOL ... Thats not true -______

Funny pictures about When I'm sad I sing. Oh, and cool pics about When I'm sad I sing. Also, When I'm sad I sing.