4 Engineering Challenges for Kids - Craft Sticks, Plastic Cups, and Wooden Cubes

Frugal Fun For Boys

4 Engineering Challenges for Kids (Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes!) - Frugal Fun For Boys


The Middle School Counselor: Need a Group Icebreaker? Play Get to Know You Yahtzee!

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Great Ideas for the First Day of School like...make your syllabus different from the other 6 they'll get, activities to help kids get to know each other (and help you get to know them), a great first day math activity.

The First Day Wiki


FREE Back to School Classroom Decor: Welcome Banner. Chalkboard or white background.

Welcome Banner FREE


Are you frustrated with the sloppiness or disorganization of math homework? Here are some tips to help your students. ~Bon


How to Write Your Math Homework


Back to School Ice Breaker. Free download - This Back to School Name Tent activity is sure to help teachers and students learn about one another.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Back to School-Name Tent


All About Me in Math Class (FREE)

All About Me in Math Class (FREE)


How do you plan what you teach? Learn to plan for the whole year, then for specific topics, and then down to the daily lessons. Great advice on planning out your school year.

What I Have Learned

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Hang things on the wall using painter tape and hot glue. Place painter tape first and then hot glue wherever you need it to go. It'll come right off at the end of the year.

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OMGosh! Excellent video on keeping voices down in the classroom. This guy is hilarious!

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First day "about me by the numbers" activity

Live, Love, Teach: This is it...


A "How To" Follow Up on the Stack Audit - Teach Like a Champion

A "How To" Follow Up on the Stack Audit - Teach Like a Champion


Culture of Achievement - TFA RGV - Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums - TFA RGV - Culture of Ac...


I like the point system and SWAG for middle school

Picasa Web Albums - TFA RGV - Culture of Ac...


A chart to organize classroom expectations. Very quick and easy way to set expectations. (Note: AIH means "Academic Intervention Hour")

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Learning Cycle

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Teacher plan book / Teacher Planner. Digital and completely customizable. Use on Mac, iPad or even iPhone! Keep an entire year's worth of plans in ONE FILE. Now has 99 different planner templates. All common core standards for grades K-12. 8 different editable covers and auto-filling recording sheets. Newly added 18 single-subject planner templates geared toward high school and middle school teachers. Both Excel (for windows and Mac) and Numbers (for Mac and iPads/iPhones) versions available...

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Whole class homework incentive - Pin the letters face down onto a board. When the whole class brings in their completed homework, turn a letter around. Once the word homework can be fully seen as a class vote on a reward.

Teach123 - Tips for Teachers
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Free Parent contact index cards - sent home first day of school...students bring them back and place in a binder.

The Wise & Witty Teacher: Freebies!


A-Z Classroom Expectations...

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Make a QR code to post outside room for open house night. Parents can scan and get your teacher contact info! Whoa... fancy! . . . . Just did this and it was sooo easy!

Pencils, Paper and Pixie Dust: Finally...My Home Away From Home!


Middle School: Keeping track of classroom conduct with a class list. This code list could also be left with a substitute teacher along with a copy if the seating chart so the teacher knows who was naughty.

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Instant Data As we went over each question, I had students color in the square if they had that question wrong. Once we were done with the test, I took each strip and taped them to a manilla folder. INSTANT data!!! I did not have to plug numbers into a computer. I can clearly see that question 9 is one I really need to go over.

Tonya's Treats for Teachers: Instant Data idea:) plus Font Friday


Quarterly checklist for student accommodations

Two Can Do It: Student Accommodations Checklist


Classroom seating arrangement ideas-I'm in Heaven!

The Cornerstone

Ideas for Classroom Seating Arrangements -