Jackie Wilson!

Jackie Wilson - Lonely teardrops "Lonely Teardrops" is a song recorded and released as a single in 1958 by R singer Jackie Wilson on the Brunswick label. I always enjoyed listening to and watching Jackie Wilson sing and dance.

Jackie Wilson  -- "Lonely Teardrops"

Jackie Wilson - Lonely Teardrops Please someone tell me. How cool was Jackie Wilson, the voice and the moves on stage. Just him, and his awesome voice and timing, with the "moves".

Jackie Wilson "That is Why"

Jackie Wilson "That is Why" Dick Clark is impeccable lol girls are chewing giant wads of gum haha

Jackie Wilson performing Higher And Higher.......Check the outfit!!!!!!

Excitement," Jackie Wilson was important in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul. He was considered a master showman, one of the most dynamic and influential singers and performers - Jackie Wilson performing Higher And Higher