a must have! portable high chair great for outdoor events and camping

The Portable High Chair Canada - ciao! baby Canada your source for ciao baby portable high chairs in Canada

Reason #47 To Carry Sidewalk Chalk With You At All Times

How To Handle Parking Space Hogs: I need to start carrying sidewalk chalk with me. Haha next time Kyle has a bad parking job :)

So cute :)

Love these engagement picture ideas! It would be so cute if the couple in the picture were best friends and their reflection showed them kissing.

Sooo Cute For A Little Girl

LOVE this desinger of clothes for little girls! Dollcake Clothing - French Vintage Dress I would go SO broke if I had a little girl. Little princess more like.

to the sea...

a rowboat in the clouds. (I know, it's on water with the sky reflected but I'm going with a rowboat in the clouds)

Taking a pic through the wedding ring.

post wedding photo shoot wedding photography Wedding Picture Idea: Caught kissing through a wedding band found your wedding idea? now order .