Butterfly Snack!

Butterfly snack bags would be great lunchbox idea. Put small crackers on one side of bag put grapes other side & put peg in middle to separate

surprise kids in the morning by filling their room with balloons while they sleep

Sneak in your child's bedroom during the night before their birthday and release balloons for them to wake up to! <----- I would LOVE to wake up to this on my birthday!

Tin Foil River in the yard. Fun! its the little things they love ... cheap fun

A TIN FOIL RIVER * A River Runs through it. (in our front yard) * Camo and Bows * A trickle from the garden hose keeps the tin foil in place "as you build it" along the route the water flows! * Kids of all ages will enjoy on a hot day.

25 things moms need to do for their boys

25 Rules for Moms With Sons — The Good Men Project. Was crying and loving on my baby son by the end of reading this! Somethin' special about them boys! Mom's, we have the power,by God's grace to make our little boys into great men!

crazy hair day ideas

OMG i think we need a crazy hair day at work! These are awesome! crazy hair day ideas - seriously click this. There are SO many awesome crazy hair looks. Too fun. I wish our school still did wacky hair day

I think this is one of the best toddler activity idea websites I've ever found.  The ideas are simple, educational and allow for creative exploration of the child's own world. Highly recommend.

amazing stay at home mom website/ or stay at home daycare ideas! amazing stay at home mom website/ or stay at home daycare ideas! amazing stay at home mom website/ or stay at home daycare ideas!

This woman has a journal for each of her children, filled with letters to the child and thoughts about them. She started each one the day they found out they were having (or adopting) the child.  
What a neat idea! This could be a great college graduation gift to the child!...Or something to leave for your kids after you pass away... I am totally going to do this!

This woman kept a journal for each of her children. She filled the journal with letters and thoughts she had about them. She started each journal the day she found out she was pregnant. She gave each child their journals the day they moved out.

Tips for making life with a baby a little easier

Baby Hacks

Great baby hacks that will make life a little easier with an infant! These are tried and true baby hacks that are affordable!

This is a GREAT list of procedures to teach at the beginning of the year. Many of these are things teachers don't think about teaching.

Head Off Behavior Problems With Classroom Procedures (Scholastic Article) good check list for back-to-school season.

Great teacher blog full of ideas!

teacher desk organization-love the paper/border on the file cabinet & the hanging file folder organization