Wood covered in fabric with hooks on the bottom. What a great idea!

Take a piece of wood, cover it w/ fabric, add hooks and you get a great jewelry hanger. Or you could add hooks to a picture frame and have a beautiful picture with jewelry.

Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry... Easy!

173: unicorns and rainbows party part 1: the details

Yarn balloon spheres: Cut strands of yarn, blow up balloon. Mix equal parts craft glue & water. Dip yarn in glue, wrap around balloon. Hang balloon with clothesline & clothespin. Once dry pop balloon and remove. Modge-podge could work too.

FRAME:  Spray paint a cheap frame, scrapbook paper in frame, hot glue a metal clip, change out photos as often as you want.  Cute idea! No more paying for mats!

Revamping My Picture Wall!

LOVE this idea: Spray paint a cheap frame, scrapbook paper in frame, hot glue a metal clip, change out photos as often as you want. This would be great for kids' artwork from school.

heels, head & standards

Keep your heels, head & standards high. - Words to live by :) Inspiration / Wisdom

tissue paper balls - for fireworks

burlap lace wedding reception decor rustic elegant neutral tones dessert table Styles, and Reception, Table, Wedding Ideas,

Pics and words to every primary song

flip charts for every primary song, great for teaching the kids during FHE (or if I ever get called to be the primary chorister)

Attach streamers to a hula hoop and hang.

Attach streamers to a hula hoop and hang for a tented effect. Could be the coolest crepe paper streamer display in my classroom! The color wheel from the very center of the room!

yw in excellence

Wax Works: 12 Creative and Easy Projects With Crayons: This crayon monogram project makes a great gift for a teacher or a child. Would be adorable in a playroom.

susan fitch design: LDS primary chorister Primary Song Memory Game

susan fitch design: 2013 primary song memory game cards, other memory cards, do as I'm doing pics, etc.

Great idea for helping the boys get their Religious Knot.

Cub Scout Books Faith in God Inserts - The Idea Door

Easy DIY dry-erase board.  All you need is a picture frame with glass, some pretty scrapbook paper, and erasable markers.

Easy Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board

Easy DIY dry-erase board :) Picture frame w/ glass, pretty scrapbook paper & dry-erase markers