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    This is a MUST READ! Learn how to structure the day for a toddler. @

    Q & A: Structuring the Day for a Toddler

    A friend of mine who is raising a house full of boys recently told me how her friend with only girls could not relate to her life in the least.  We laughed about how it was nice to be in the company of another “boy mom” who understood the zoo we live in. That conversation [...]

    What You May Not Know About Raising Boys - Raising Arrows

    Why We Chose NOT to diagnose our son with Aspergers (Parenting, Special Needs, Motherhood, Aspergers, Autism, Spectrum Disorders, Social Skills, Positive Parenting, Attachment Parenting}

    Why We Chose Not to Diagnose Our Son With Asperger's Syndrome • Our Small Hours

    10 Rules Of Airsoft Safety |

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    Do your kids respect authority? Some things you might want to consider...

    6 Things my Kids Are Not Allowed to Say to Adults

    I’m not a current events blogger.  But, sometimes there are issues that arise that NEED to be discussed... |

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    We did this a couple years ago, really related to this blog-post! Our kids tend to play outside more anyways. "Stuff isn’t evil in and of itself, but in a world where we are constantly told that what we have isn’t quite good enough, the love of things can so very easily consume us. It is the pursuit of it all–more toys, cuter clothes, a prettier house, a nicer car, a bigger computer, a fancier phone–that makes us forget all the things that actually matter. It wasn’t until after observing first hand the real and immediate changes in my children after taking their toys away that I truly began..."

    Why I Took My Kids' Toys Away | What to Do with Too Many Toys

    Home Educating Family has a brand new magazine for young women titled Dear. It's purpose is to encourage, enlighten, and communicate the true worth of women.

    Dear Magazine, For Young Christian Women

    Apps to know about to keep your kids safe on social media -great post and helpful information #parenting #kids #tech

    List of Dangerous Apps for Tweens and Teens | My Crazy Good Life

    Make a special time of reading with your toddlers |

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    Essential Oils: What You Need To Know (Infographic)

    Essential Oils: What You Need To Know (Infographic)

    We don't usually do store bought juice, but this may be a helpful natural remedy when children are unusually restless.

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    SimplyFun Summer Sale! - stock up now for Family Game Night and homeschool!

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    Education Homeschool, By Kids

    Training Our Boys to be Men Homeschool Encouragement

    7 Mistakes Parents Make With Older Kids

    7 Mistakes Parents Make With Older Kids

    10 Reasons Why Teens Should Start a Business & business books

    10 Reasons Why Teens Should Start a Business Homeschool Encouragement

    Laying the Spiritual foundation for our children early on is important. Praying truth over the lives of our children is crucial.

    Praying Scripture Over Our Children - Beauty in the Mess


    Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays: Step Parenting is Hard!

    Don't spend all your time focusing on rules with your children. Be sure to develop their character. #heartparenting www.biblicalparen...

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    Make a quiet voice big (when it's needed) without yelling! Find out the trick and unexpected tool that will help you.

    Mommy Has a Megaphone (+$25 Build Your Bundle Giveaway!) - Proverbial Homemaker

    The One-Week Fix for Bad Behavior My plan was to end my kids' whining, hitting, and tantrums in seven days. But first I had to change my own actions.

    The One-Week Fix for Bad Behavior

    Alternatives to plopping the kids in front of the television when you need a Mommy Break |

    Get a Break from Parenting Without Depending on the TV

    How often are we too busy looking at the scary bear chasing us to realize the Lord of the Universe is right there with us? | HappyHomemakerPhD

    Lessons in the Clouds

    Learn how to make the transition from childhood finances to adulthood with your teen |

    Teens and Money - Transitioning from Childhood to Adulthood Finances - Raising Arrows

    Large Family Living on - the resources and encouragement you need to raise your growing family!

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