If you ever want to say “not all white people,” you might want to read this first. Does this cover any of your “rules” for talking about racism?

11 Common Ways White Folks Avoid Taking Responsibility for Racism in the US


Cindy Blackstock wants to see Canada celebrate its 150th birthday next year as a country free from racial discrimination. (Justin Tang/The Globe and Mail)

Cindy Blackstock, Canada’s ‘relentless moral voice’ for First Nations equality


Here's why it’s misguided to respond to "black lives matter" with "all lives matter."

All Lives Matter isn't a thing - Chatelaine


Members of the crowd listen to a speaker at an anti-racism meeting attended by Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in Toronto on Thursday July 14, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Packed public meeting urges province to act on racism


It's Time You Realize #AllLivesMatter Is Racist

It's Time You Realize #AllLivesMatter Is Racist


Governments must spend more on community supports, anti-violence advocates urge

Women's supports needed to prevent domestic homicide: advocate - Macleans.ca


Instead, affirmation and action is a good start: Say ‘Yes, black lives do matter’ and then challenge instances of anti-black racism in private and public every day life.

Off tune, Tenors: ‘All lives matter’ is always an ignorant claim


What do you say when confronted with an “all lives matter” enthusiast? And, really, Why is it so bad?

A Guide to Debunking the Need for "All Lives Matter" and Its Rhetorical Cousins


Women In Public Service from different backgrounds gather together in this bright photo

Women’s Public Service Leadership


Yesterday, Alton Sterling was executed by a police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The video of the encounter is gruesome, and it should shake you to your core, no matter the color of your skin. The police tackled him to the ground, pinned him, and shot him at close range. By definition, this is an extrajudicial killing. It’s not dissimilar to what happened to Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, and a long line of Black people who have lost their live...

Advice for White Folks in the Wake of the Police Murder of a Black Person


Canadians have a long history of ignoring anti-black racism and gaslighting those who demonstrate its existence

Black Pride Matters


Educate yourselves, put your bodies in the streets and help dismantle white supremacy

This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter


Almost every day now, I see an outpouring of rage, grief and fear from my friends. That is because almost every day now, another young black man in America is shot to death by another white police officer. Many of these young black men are innocent yet executed on the spot for no reason. Others may be guilty of something, but we'll never be quite sure since they didn't get a trial. They were punished by spontaneous public execution instead of through a court of law.  1) In the int...

The deadly combination of racism, gun culture and poorly trained cops


The Conversation We Must Have with Our White Children | On Being

The Conversation We Must Have with Our White Children


The group’s demands are always lofty and its tactics are always attention-grabbing

Black Lives Matter is dramatic, unsettling and inconvenient. That’s the point


The movement for racial justice needs more White Americans to get involved. And it's our responsibility to help each other get involved--and get involved productively. I compiled this list to help ...

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism--from Ferguson to Charleston


So many white folks are wondering what they can do when police violence and state sanctioned murder happens. I hear my white friends say, "I…

Waking Up White: A Resource for White Folks


Women's Leadership Matters cover photo with 5 women on the cover

Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work - Research & Faculty


How did inequality within indigenous communities — the most serious, current consequence being the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women — creep from out of mind to front of news cover...

A Movement Rises


Canada’s female politicians have been speaking out a great deal lately, in ways that aren’t overtly partisan, about their experiences as women and the gendered policy gaps they see. Thi…

Heartfield: Female politicians are changing Canadian politics


Let’s ask more women to run for president. | Fusion

Want more women to run for president? You have to ask first.


The latest UNICEF Report Card: Fairness for Children measures the depths of inequality in children’s well-being across the richest countries. The UNICEF Index of Child Inequality reveals how far rich countries allow their most disadvantaged children to fall behind the ‘average’ child in aspects of health, education, income, and life satisfaction.

UNICEF Report Card 13: Fairness for Children


Canada's International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, December 9, 2015. (CHRIS WATTIE/REUTERS)

Ottawa gives new funding for international reproductive health program


Head Start for Young Women

FCM - Head Start for Young Women Program


Radical Body Positive