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Amy Brolsma

Fabulous Florida Tile Formations For Walls And Floors : Impressive Florida Tile Formations Using Gray Tile Floor And Gray Wall Combined With Gray Vanity Unit With Marble Upper Side And White Sink Completed With Wall Lamps Over The Large Window

A Hockey Mom's Dream!!! A paper towel holder turned into a Hockey Tape holder....No more will I ever hear, "Mom, where's some tape?"!

EASY WAY TO MAKE ROSES. I like to thin out the edges a little bit as well, before I roll them up.

How to Build a Cake ~ Level, split and fill like a pro | Great Cake Decorating by Erin Gardner on #diy #howto #tutorial

Create large, lovely planters by spray painting cheap plastic garbage cans. | 33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive

Tip: Once a week, toss in a few frozen cubes of white vinegar and turn on your disposal. The vinegar will get in all the moving nooks and crannies that are otherwise hard to get to and the ice will sharpen your blades.

This homemade Mexican Pizza recipe is better than the famous fast food joint! Get your daily dose of dairy with melty cheese and a dollop of sour cream! #DairyMonth #ad

This is the most unique set of door stoppers I’ve ever seen! 1 waterdrop creates 3 doorstops! The big water drop can be clipped onto the side or the hinge of the door to keep it from closing too hard! The small waterdrop can be divided into two halves. These halves also has an adhesive side so you can tape it to the ends of sliding doors, cabinets, etc. for a softer close. The stoppers are also soft and flexible so it won't ding the fixtures! These are currently available at!

Trim all one color, allows the door color to pop! Pretty wrath and bold statement made with flower boxes & boston fern.

DIY // Cocktail Mason Jar Gifts - so freaking cute!! Perfect for bridesmaids and groomsmen or holiday gifts!

Dollar store dish racks to separate the pans and lids in a cabinet above the fridge

Makeup Storage Ideas | Best makeup brush sets, makeup brush holder, and makeup brush organizers at You’re So Pretty. #youresopretty |

99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

Who came up with this? Amazing!

Getting Ready for Next Year - Curriculum map to see the BIG picture in all curricular areas - for the entire school year!

4-part Guide: Off-season training tips for figure skaters. #figureskating #Riedell

when i was younger, this was true. now, i love it because it means i get a little bit longer of a lesson :)

This is why I love figure skaters

Or blood on the ice from hockey! Figure skating problems