David Kahookele Calhau Jr

David Kahookele Calhau Jr

David Kahookele Calhau Jr
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/203519009/minecraft-twin-bed-quilt-with-2-pillows

Included in this is a Minecraft Twin Bed Quilt along with 2 decorate pillows. The pillows are the Diamond Pick Axe and the Diamond Sword both

This is so buetiful

It's a huge water fountain in Minecraft that I made and I spent ours making my favorite thing in my favorite game!

High-Range Wireless Power

Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away! This uses a resonant coil system to send magnetic fields from a transmitting coil to a receiving coil.

How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry. How to make a simple backyard foundry for…


"Cinderella" (Marina Bychkova, is wearing a carved sterling silver corset, shoes and hair ornaments. Her dress skirt is made from Indian Sari and her hair is natural silk fiber.