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from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Sense of Touch Game: Mystery Bag

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sense of touch game - mystery bag activity hide objects in a bag (one at a time) and have the kids guess only by feeling. guide them with questions.


Sense of Touch Game: Mystery Bag

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Sense of Touch - Texture Hand


Early Childhood Scribbles: Our Five Senses

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(Sense of touch) put different objects in balloons and have the children guess what each one is. Then, open them up to see what it is. (Tie with elastics so it is easier to open.) To further the lesson, make a chart of prediction and result.


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opposites & Sense of Touch

H is for Homeschooling: What's on the Tray Wednesday # 2

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Our Five Senses Worksheets | JoysofSpring - Using My 5 Senses

JoysofSpring - Using My 5 Senses

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Preschool: 5 Senses

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a lot of great ideas to do during 5 senses including koolaid smelling paint and jelly belly taste test

Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi: 5 Senses

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Lots of good activities for five senses unit

Kindergarten Kindergarten: Science Notebooks

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Binoculars craft for sense of sight

The Sweatman Family: Summer Fun