This is a neat list of things you can do with students that are not paying attention.

27 Ways To Make Sure Students Pay Attention In Class. Or second language learners. Or my son, who often isn't paying attention.

Part of the Common Core ELA Standards requires students to be able to read informational text and determine meaning. We think this reading note can be really handy and useful!

My Adventures Teaching Junior High English: Quotations, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and MLA source formatting

3rd Grade Thoughts: Writers Workshop: Revising (ARMS) & Editing (COPS)

Writers Workshop: Revising (ARMS) & Editing (COPS)

Grade Thoughts: Writers Workshop: Revising (ARMS) & Editing (COPS) Easier than CUPS. Some graders might not understand what usage (U) means.

3rd Grade biography project. I would use this in my class because it is not your average boring book report.

I like this idea - "Third grade biography project. Student becomes the historical person when presenting their poster." Would also work for characters during a book report!

Writing Groups: Independent Writing & Partner Writing - 3rd Grade Thoughts

DIY Cupcake Holders

From Grade Thoughts:Writing Groups-Teacher Time & Writing Bin. Good, detailed explanation of how this teacher runs Writer's Workshop rotations. Except I would use word work instead of spelling

3rd Grade Thoughts: Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids. This is written for the classroom in mind, but I wonder if I could use it at home...

Great use of 7 habits of Happy kids. Instead of working on multiple behaviors allat once which can be challenging with the younger ones, I like the idea of sticking with one specific behavior goal for the entire week until it's changed.

Whole Body Listening

Whole Body Listening.shut the hell up and just listen dammit! Just a simple reminder everyday everyone.